Day 1. Riding the Wave: Tips for weight loss and management…and a few tricks too.

My name is Roxie. I just turned 4o. Roxpiration365 is Daily inspiration I share to help myself and you stay determined and focused on being fit, healthy, positive, and REAL. Every day of the year, for the rest of our lives.
This blog is not meant to diagnose or prescribe any method or medicine. It is a record of my personal discovery and ongoing health journey. Maybe something in it will inspire you too.



July 4. This is day 1. My very first post. Why did I begin roxpiration365? I’ve prayed and stumbled on this journey for quite sometime and now I’m here. Nope not at “destination: Utopian life” but rather at the point where I turn the corner to a healthier, more fit, more determined self. And the way I plan to stay here is the only way I know how. To inspire others. To inspire you. To say to you what I need to hear everyday to keep motivated. Motivated to eat right, to workout, to stay inspired and to be a positive influence on at least one other person, besides myself. This morning I chose you. Who will you choose? No pressure though 😉 I ask you only to pass on the inspiration to someone else that might need it because I know how good it feels. But only when you are ready. Like I am right now. I promise you this…passing on inspiration: feels AMAZING.

My inspiration tip for today: Ride the Wave. It really is the theme of this blog. Our life is like a wave. It ebbs and tides. We struggle, we sail or float. Sometimes we feel like we are drowning. But we are not. Not if you are reading this post. You as alive as I am. And if you got past paragraph 1, you don’t just want be alive. Like myself, you want to THRIVE! and so do I. That is why I wrote this blog. Riding the wave means even when you feel like drowning you look for something…anything! to keep you inspired, motivated to keep going. For me I find my weight lost inspiration in past journals that I kept where I wrote down the keys to my past success. I will share those too on this blog. I will also share my failures, but I wont dwell on them. Only to keep it real, and to prove that failure doesn’t mean drowning it means sucking in a little water but still getting above it and riding the wave again. So how do we ride the wave?

1. Find your inspiration: From ANYWHERE. Scriptures, past journals, health books, you tube videos ( google inspirational videos, people last night I stumbled upon an awesome you tube video about 2 amazing people, I recommend googling them: Michaela de Pierce and another was Sam Berns. I said after watching them both, I’d never complain again. Probably not true, but they inspired me enough to come up for air and see the light again.

2. Ask yourself one question: “Am I happy right now? If not why not?” Sometimes to be happier, it works to name the thing that makes us unhappy. For me it’s often feeling guilty that I’ve gained weight. Again. Which makes me feel out of control.Again. So for me it’s about regaining control. That’s where the critical number 3 takes shape.

3. Breathe and wait. Don’t lose the present. I’m often so busy thinking about what I should be doing next, that I forget to enjoy the now. That includes when I am eating. So often I am eating while standing up, while doing the dishes, or emailing…I’m not in the present, I don’t even enjoy the meal, truthfully, I can barely taste it! I’m not focused on the pleasure I derive from eating, then I wonder why I am hungry again 15 minutes after dinner. Has that happened to you? Here is what I’m learning: Don’t lose the present.  Enjoy your food. and secondly. Wait. Don’t postpone gratification but replace it. What? Replace it with what? you ask?… OK. Let me explain. At times we think we need food NOW. But what are we reeeeally hungry for? Is it the food or the feeling the food can bring. This is a BIG one for me and one I will flush out in a future blog. But briefly I’ll explain it here:  I mean can you WAIT IT OUT? wait to eat until you are ABSOLUTELY sure what you are hungry for. Sometimes I’ve surprised myself and found the answer to “What am I really hungry for?” and I’ve heard my inner voice respond ” You need a hug” …Say what?! (That’s me talking back to my inner voice). Other times I’ve asked myself “What are you really hungry for?” and the answer comes back “I miss my sister”. Crazy but true. It’s not food at all that I need. It’s a feeling or an emotion like missing someone or needing something -not at all related to food! Sometimes I need to hear a family member’s voice but at first I really really believe that I wanted- needed!- a AB ( Almond butter, I’m allergic to peanuts) sandwich. Even though I just finished dinner 15 minutes earlier.  Again it’s crazy but I’m telling the truth. Try it. Let me know if it happens to you. If indeed you find the answer is “I really want a AB sandwich” when in reality you aren’t physically hungry because you just ate a full meal. Can you postpone the AB sandwich for a half hour? If so, You are doing it: you are building amazing self-control.  You are riding the wave. You may not succeed all the time and you may not remember to do it every time ( I’ll be honest, I don’t always remember either) but when you do! Let me warn you: You’ll scare yourself from how much stronger you feel, and much more in control of this little gift you’ve been given called : your life. And  with this small act of “Waiting- out- the -instant- gratification- although-I-feel- like- a -2 -year- old- that -will- die!-if -I -don’t -get- what- I want-NOW- feeling” is really huge ripple strengthening effect: that WILL add up over time. You wont die, first of all. In fact, You’re mental strength WILL increase and you WILL inevitably lose weight because you will be able to postpone overeating or the junk food pleasures, longer and longer until you convince yourself, you don’t need it at all. I call it:out thinking my brain.

Let me know if and how long it works for you. Ask me any questions you can think of and I’ll direct you to the experts I’ve learned from. Re-read this post as often as you need to.  I’ll be here all day and tomorrow too.


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I am a health and fitness blogger and an expert on my life. Since I was 8 years old I've dieted. Finally, I grew up and figured out how to lose 70 lbs. But the maintenance: That's the hardest part. I am hear to share everything I've learned and continue to learn about finding peace with my body and food. I am a lifelong fan of growing spiritually, emotionally and mentally. My goal is to MAINTAIN a healthy weight loss that took more than 15 years to lose and to inspire you and others to do the same. I will share everything I know that has helped me along the way: One tip at a time, 365 days a year. This is my journey. Thank you for being a part of it.