#4 out of: 9 ways to Lose the Stupid lbs: On purpose


JULY 8. “If it don’t come easy. You better let it go” so says a really cool country song from back in the day. Not so with weight loss. Not in my experience at least. It’s never been easy. It’s only been the result of laser beam, focused, effort. The good news is, it does come off. Eventually. 1 lb at a time. sometimes ounces…but you get the idea. 3 ways of how to lose the stupid lbs on purpose were in the last entries from July 5-7. This is number #4. My personal experience..

#4 Let My Stomach Growl…this too shall pass (and yeah, my stomach shrunk too, don’t think that was coincidence!). Yes I am sure there is a scientific correlation to the two experiences just mentioned. But I’ll have to hunt down a legit explanation. Later. Until I do, I just know this works..]It’s OK to feel hunger pangs. Most of the time it wasn’t true hunger pangs at all. I was getting use to #1: Weaning myself off of big meals. My body was adjusting. I would drink water, especially if I had just eaten a healthy, even though smaller, meal. Usually it was thirst, but my body was used to being spoiled by getting “a treat” every time it whined and so it gave mixed signals all the time. And let’s not even talk about all the different reasons my stomach would growl, for sure during times I hadn’t even gone long enough without food to be hungry.

I received great tips from websites and health books about  how to identify “true hunger”. Even googling topics like”Identifying true hunger” lead me to a few good reliable sources of “makes enough sense to me-science” on how our body talks to us.

ocean wave pixabay
Let the stomach growl…AKA “Ride the wave”…this too shall pass…

Photo curtosey of Pixabay.com under Creative Commons CC0.

It’s like a marriage though. Sometimes you think you know someone,  and then one day, they change on you. You’re body is an ongoing discovery that can be interesting to learn. Letting our stomach growl and say things it really doesn’t mean at first, can be a really cool experience. Self control is gained and new insight into our own bodies. Like a marriage, it can be a wonderful journey. But we may need to go through the  pangs-hunger pangs-in this case- to truly understand it (and out of curiosity, I just looked up the word “Pangs”-because it sounds a lot like “pain”. It’s defined as either a ‘sudden sharp pain or painful emotion’, which is ironic because that is exactly  what it feels like both in my stomach and in my head when I want to eat instead of …feel).

I’m still learning my body! but now when it speaks to me I’ve noticed I can trust it now to tell me what it really needs. Now we know there is a good marriage correlation in there, waiting to be revealed. Have at it! I’m going to bed:) Meanwhile, if your stomach was growling during this entry, check out my first entry from July 4 and ask: as I catch myself doing soooo often: What am I really hungry for?

Until next time…

Roxie 🙂



Author: roxpiration365

I am a health and fitness blogger and an expert on my life. Since I was 8 years old I've dieted. Finally, I grew up and figured out how to lose 70 lbs. But the maintenance: That's the hardest part. I am hear to share everything I've learned and continue to learn about finding peace with my body and food. I am a lifelong fan of growing spiritually, emotionally and mentally. My goal is to MAINTAIN a healthy weight loss that took more than 15 years to lose and to inspire you and others to do the same. I will share everything I know that has helped me along the way: One tip at a time, 365 days a year. This is my journey. Thank you for being a part of it.

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