# 7 and #8 out of 9 ways to: Lose the stupid lbs. on Purpose.

July 12. No comment if you are tired of this theme. But it’s a drum that can’t be beat enough in my weight loss journey. I need to hear it because I do forget it often: Weight loss, the permanent kind, can’t, wont, shouldnt! happen by mishap…ah gotcha thought I was gonna say accident didn’t you?? Oops. Well.

I said it.

I have discovered this: if I don’t lose the weight with intention, it will come back without a warning. When I lose it with intention I know how exactly I got here and so when the wight “creeeeps” back, I can ‘quick! catch it!’ before I’m back to “miseryland” ( where fat-with-friends come back to the Island, you know, the opposite side of “wonderland”?). I’ve said it as many ways as possible, here’s another: Traceable weight loss is like getting a road map to success and knowing how to get back even when stupid old food habits get you off-roading for the “thrill” of old times. When the thrill is gone, you still have the map to wonderland…Ah yes, I’ve been on this road before, it’s the road to success. Let me get back on.

It’s a bumpy road though. So this entry is about  what I have ditched but always have to come back to, to lose weight on purpose , and get back on the road to “Wonderland”….

Tip #7 W.A. T.E. R. Drink it!

That’s not an acronym, by the way. I’m punctuating each letter with a definitive pause so that I remember: Water is essential to LIFE and that means more than one cup a day. I am ashamed but guilty of that very quantity. And without scientific fluff that you already know well to back this up I will just say Water helps me feel fuller, flushes out impurities, toxins and fat. I try to start with room temperature distilled water in the morning and honestly, I feel more alert all day.

Sad truth is:  I am so bad about proper hydration I even downloaded an app that sounded like someone drinking water to remind me to drink my water every hour. I took it off when someone said it sounded more like someone going to the potty. Silly!..  Point is: When I drink the water along with a balanced diet, I see consistent weight loss, and I maintain my weight loss easier. 80-100 oz a day is a reasonable goal. That’s roughly 5-7 -16 oz bottles. If I drink half of that amount- it’s a personal success some days. At least we try right? Goal: NEVER.STOP.TRYING.

Suggestion: I’ve used fresh fruit frozen in my water that I enjoy. You might like: lemon/lime, pineapple, mango or watermelon  in yours, or fresh cucumber or mint. Mix it up! These days, I’ve come to appreciate pure water, nothing added.

Tip # 8: Cut the Fat. That word has so much controversy around it. More scandalous than the tabloids, no one wants to know the truth about fat. But I  eat it up. I crave it! Especially when I’m stressed. That! by the way, is no coincidence either!

So what’s the deal on fat? It’s highly concentrated calories. And I’ve experienced that my body has a difficult time processing most of them.Some worse then others. Which leads to weight gain.  I’m talking about the “good” fats too, like- nuts and nut butters. I’m talking about reducing my quantity- even with the good quality fats. Some say we don’t have to be as restrictive with the good fats, but my truth has been this: no matter if it’s sprouted or soaked, raw or(unknowingly) rancid, I have a hard time knowing when to stop eating nuts and nut butters ( that includes seeds for me  too like pumpkin and sunflower) so I always tend to go over my calorie budget, and since I dont exercise like a Marathon runner ,I don’t burn it off. Guess where it goes? My thighs. And other favorite places.

So my tip-While I’m trying to lose weight: I may not eat those fats at all until I reach my goal weight, because sadly the more I eat them, the more I crave them. If I  eat them, then yes  I am reeeeeally selective about quality ( I chose unprocessed, unsweetened) and will enjoy them  only where I can taste it!) and  in very small quantities. Actually,  veeeeery little in comparison to what I was eating before. Fat can become 45-50% of my calorie diet in a not so mindful eating day. But! when I’m trying to lose weight, ON PURPOSE, I’ve reduced it to 20-25% . And I have come to learn, our bodies require a lot less fat in our diets than we tend to think (using a calorie app like My fitness pal helped me see exactly how much…well, little, I needed.)

Suggestion: I really do crave fat. So once I ‘catch myself’ OD’ing on it, I wean myself off. For example: stir frying with chicken broth, roasting with chicken broth, cooking my eggs in boiling hot water in a non-stick skillet. Substituting where I can and where it counts the most. 

My lifelong Goal: Have more water, than fat, in my diet. HeyHey… I like that:)

Until next time…





Author: roxpiration365

I am a health and fitness blogger and an expert on my life. Since I was 8 years old I've dieted. Finally, I grew up and figured out how to lose 70 lbs. But the maintenance: That's the hardest part. I am hear to share everything I've learned and continue to learn about finding peace with my body and food. I am a lifelong fan of growing spiritually, emotionally and mentally. My goal is to MAINTAIN a healthy weight loss that took more than 15 years to lose and to inspire you and others to do the same. I will share everything I know that has helped me along the way: One tip at a time, 365 days a year. This is my journey. Thank you for being a part of it.

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