JULY 19. How is it that there is a such great disconnect between what we WANT and what we need to do to get there. There is no other way around weight loss than changing how we view and consume the four letter word: FOOD.

To start, I had to learn about quantity. What a carb/protein…etc. was and what a serving meant. I also needed to learn how many calories I consumed compared to how many I burned in the day, by moving or even while resting. Then I had to learn about quality. How all food is NOT MADE EQUAL. And 250 calories of a pre packaged diet food, does NOT have the same health benefits as the same amount of calories in my vegetable-fruit smoothie. The differences matter. But it’s definitely not one or the other. It’s both.

Gather m’ facts…

Deciding between choosing a sweet japanese purple potato ( I’m plugging here. Please try  if you haven’t yet!!!) over an “energy bar” from the same “health food store” started by asking, What am I hungry for? do I really need to eat… right now? Can I just eat enough now, to make it home to cook the potato?

My answer? Back in the day, I use to grab protein bars. The Sugar free. The Low fat. The gluten…GMO…dairy… everything! free. Top choice. That is when it was all about quantity: taking in as few calories-or anything else- for my buck, as possible.

Well. I do still care about fewer calories.

But when I realize “Yes you need to eat NOW! you cannot wait Roxie!” Well. These days, the quality of the food is equally important. so before I run to the plethora of low-fat protein bars-and even in the health food stores-reality is for me, most of them have too many ingredients my body can’t processes well. Many have sugar substitutes and “natural flavors” which can be a loooong list of items food makers aren’t obligated to put on the label but can adversely affect my health, in the long, if not shorter, term.

So what do I eat in an emergency? Well I still care about my buck. I’m usually hoping not to spend a lot on a last-minute “feeding”. So now, I might grab a fruit, or low sugar cold pressed organic juice/smoothies that’s my favorite option, especially if  it has beets or carrots. But no, it’s not inexpensive. By any measure. But still my favorite. These are real foods. Whole foods. Quality foods! (so are carrots, which I’ve learned to eat and enjoy whole, washed with the skin on! Delish! even better than the baby ones, which I admit are great in a food “amber alert”) Not processed, dead foods that can offer no life and only artificial energy. To be consumed, at best, in rare occasions.

I am still learning the wisdom behind the super-human logic of going to the grocery store and picking food in this order:

  1. Fresh and Frozen Veggies (avoiding those I’m allergic/intolerant to) I try to choose one exotic veggie a month. Google it, cook with it. Season it myself. Experience the flavors. Write it down.  Cool experience: I really love it when I get my fresh veggies from the Farmer’s Market (more on the wonders of local farmer’s markets in separate entry…insert angelic voiced”AAAAhhhhhhh…” here), usually the vendor or another shopper next to me  will give me a great cooking suggestion if I just ask to myself- outloud ;)-…”How do I cook with this?!”

  2. Fresh and Frozen Fruit (unsweetened). (avoiding my allergy triggers) I choose one fruit I’ve never had before a month as well…

  3. Organic/grass-fed lean meat, Organic cage free eggs, on occasion.

  4. A little fat. Unprocessed first (Avocados, seeds, nuts- raw and sprouted first, roasted, few-cold pressed oil, avocado, coconut best, grass-fed butter) If tolerated at all. Listen and observe how I feel after eating any of them. My needs for fat will change depends on my hormone level during the month.

  5. Legumes, beans, sweet potatoes, regular potatoes ( Try the purple sweet potatoes!!), little grain. For me though, little to zero grain. Even oatmeal is a no-no for me. Popcorn in coconut oil is an OK grain- (warning! I’m plugging Popcornopolis here! Luuu-uuve them! I get no pay for that…)

  6. So what’s left?!… What is left includes: The bad/the sad/ the “why did I go mad”?…food item. Yes, 1 item. I serving size item. The guilty pleasure. And yes again. Pleasure is singular not plural for one reason: Self preservation. These foods make us sick, not only physically but even mentally, over time. There is only one way to wean ourselves off of the canned, bagged, fried, pre packaged pre-cooked/seasoned “un” foods: Don’t buy them. Or at least buy them last after all the other real food. At least my fridge and pantry are well stocked with foods that heal, not harm. That is the quality part. The quantity part is…

Now that the food-real food!- is in the fridge…

Next: Figure how many calories, that’s the quantity– I need to eat/burn a day to lose 1-2 lbs. a week. Then: Plan it out. Plan what and how much (good quality) food I will consume for breakfast, lunch and dinner ( I love for this they make it so easy for this step! but there are a variety out there to choose from).

In the end really, it’s the same song, different tune: eat as close to nature as possible. But not too much. Quality and! Quantity: Matter.

Until next time:)













Author: roxpiration365

I am a health and fitness blogger and an expert on my life. Since I was 8 years old I've dieted. Finally, I grew up and figured out how to lose 70 lbs. But the maintenance: That's the hardest part. I am hear to share everything I've learned and continue to learn about finding peace with my body and food. I am a lifelong fan of growing spiritually, emotionally and mentally. My goal is to MAINTAIN a healthy weight loss that took more than 15 years to lose and to inspire you and others to do the same. I will share everything I know that has helped me along the way: One tip at a time, 365 days a year. This is my journey. Thank you for being a part of it.

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