Why moving my body should be F.U.N

August 14. I made up an acronym to remind myself why I don’t want to use the “E”(xercise) word anymore and just call it what it really is: Moving my body! It’s what  we were born to do naturally. I move so that I don’t get stiff joints and “old, before my time”. I move because it takes me out of my head and forces me to focus on my breathing and my limbs. So here is why moving is F.U.N to me:


I heard quote one day from an avid runner, whose was asked  why they run, they answered simply: “Because I can”. If we contemplate how many people would give just about anything to have the ability and freedom to just move a limb! but sadly, will never have or no longer can. When we who have the ability to move do so freely, we honor those who cannot, and we demonstrate our own expression of gratitude to the Giver of life and movement. Then we use that freedom to discover ways that moving our bodies, something we can thoroughly enjoy!! Whether it be in stretching, weight lifting, biking, climbing, Pilates, pick-your-favorite-sport (mine is skateboarding:)Holla!) or sitting in a chair purposely fidgeting or dancing with our upper body (yup, that counts as movement in my book!). I’ve discovered the liberation of movement has the potential to be: well, mind-blowing.


There are too many voices in our head that tell us we “Can’t”. And even make up some legit reason for why. I won’t breathe more life into mine by  listing all my negatives. But you know what they are. I am relieved by the fact that even the most active, lively, vibrant and energetic person, have the same internal negative voices, they just: choose to ignore them. And for that reason probably can’t hear them as loudly as others. Ignoring our negative internal voices unlocks, or releases another more powerful voice that expresses with sheer elation an “Oh yeah?! Watch me!!” response. Whatever it is we are afraid to try, when we conquer that fear with DOING, we unleash, or unlock a magnificent power. We ALL have it. It’s the power to conquer the No with the Yes. The Evil with the good. The negative thought-with positive action. If you can’t tell by now, yes,  I am reading the Bible, as well as, As a Man Thinketh by James Allen. I highly recommend it if you want to Unlock your YES and…as a result find your reasons to move: Every.Single.Day.


Yes Simply: Do. It.Now. Don’t delay it anymore. Sometimes, honestly, it’s not just a question of when to start but also how to start. My answer is generally: just take a walk. Fast or slow, it doesn’t matter, just go! Maybe around the neighborhood, if it feels safe. If leaving the house feels most impractical, I recommend going to YouTube or googling any activity you love, or use to love…and find ways to participate in something your body will thank you for, at least once a day. Even if it’s just for 60 seconds. I admit, my favorite thing to do is pick a destination within a 3 mile that I enjoy visiting (local mall, dress shop, shoe store -are you sensing a theme here?:) I also enjoyed a walk to Sprouts farmers market the other day. It was an exhilarating walk and beautiful weather, where I was able to see part of the neighborhood scenery that I never get to enjoy just driving quickly by.

Need more motivation? I also recommend these articles from one of my favorite “Move” experts ( I think I made that term up) : http://www.mindbodygreen.com/0-14654/am-i-too-fat-to.html and http://www.mindbodygreen.com/0-13653/why-youre-making-life-hard-how-to-make-it-easy.html. http://www.mindbodygreen.com/0-13653/why-youre-making-life-hard-how-to-make-it-easy.html . Both articles are by Michael Taylor. Practically every article I’ve read by Michael Taylor is inspirational to keep moving, no matter what your limitations ( imagined more than real, usually) are.

If I could add an R to Fun (Fun…r?) it would be, and I think Mr. Taylor might fondly agree:


I must constantly remind myself: Do! not! over think! movement!  Just move. Remember like when we were five and would run like a gorilla just for the fun of it? While I’m not advocating  the gorilla part (nor discouraging it- if it makes ya feel good!), I do encourage movement just for reconnecting with our childhood happiness. For peace of mind and heart. For release of stress and negative emotions. Just! MOOOOOVE.

And for an added why, we can’t leave out the obvious reasons: If we move in the way that we love, not in a forced or demanding routine way, but one that we are excited about and relish in the participation of, we’ll stick with it longer, and we will get lost in the doing, not focused on “results”. Maybe we laugh or sing while we do it. Maybe our movement allows us to explore the outdoors or connect with ourselves, God and/or others in way we haven’t done in too long of a time, or maybe never have at all. There is truly little to lose, and so much to gain from movement!

Until next time,



Why FORGIVING is good for weight loss.

August 4. Who hasn’t made the wrong decisions about food, even when we know better sometimes? Thank you for your honesty. I’m raising my hand too. So I am learning that losing weight and maintaining it: Is not really about food at all. Really. Yes we must make the right choices and choose fruits and vegetables over processed, canned or bag “food”. But the root of it, the raw of it…isn’t about the food. It’s about the decisions we make and WHY. It’s also about allowing ourselves to mess up, forgive and move on. Forgive who? Ahh, as the saying goes “There’s the rub” (not the kind on my favorite brisket either).

It’s not really a trick question. The realization began when, just last week I realized after some Bible reading and meditation, there were two people in my life, one of whom I knew very intimately, that when I thought of them my teeth clenched and my stomach tightened. Why? Because without realizing it. I was holding a grudge for an “offense”  they committed against me – whether real or imagined isn’t the point right now -because I felt a very real, very physical internal pain when I thought of them. But at that moment It dawned on me. I was choosing to hold on the pain. And so, I verbally released it by saying, ” I forgive you (insert name of perceived offender) for (insert what they did or said to hurt me)” and then I thought about God’s forgiveness and how undeserved I am to receive it- I and realized that in the grand scheme of things, today, that wasn’t too hard.

At that moment I made a choice. A decision to forgive. It didn’t change the other person. It changed me.

That is the approach I need to have with my choices in food and how I feel about those choices, one I make them. When I choose to eat right. It’s me that benefits. But when I make the “not so right” choices I must choose to forgive myself the way I allow myself to forgive others. The decision to do otherwise leads to the vicious vortex of :eating to feel better, eating because I feel guilty about eating to feel better,  then, being angry with myself for eating to feel guilty so… I eat again…yup, to feel:better. That too is a choice. A bad one. One I have paid for in weight gain and depression. But It is one I choose to make and no one else makes it for me. I choose to get stuck in holding a grudge against myself. In the words of one of my favorite female singers “Why do I do that?”.  But this is where it stops. I forgive me for a binge(yes, I am saying this audibly), and I will show it by choosing to eat healthier, make better food choices, not tomorrow, today.

But that wasn’t the biggest discovery. The biggest discovery came when about 5 minutes after saying those words out loud about the people who I felt so hurt by, I felt lighter. No.Lie. I felt like, a good 5 lbs lighter! and I realized: hey! this forgiveness thing… is working already!

Until next time,

Roxie 🙂


It’s Not how I Start, It’s how…


road-start finish geralt -pixabay

July 22. A Reflection…

Today. I am 10 lbs lighter than I was a month ago. After being tired! and frustrated! with myself for putting on 10 lbs without blinking, feeling lost as to how I let myself “get here again”. Well. It’s NOT how you START. It’s how you FINISH. I’ve been doing a mostly fruit and veggie smoothie week (with 2-3 hours between meals to allow my food to fully digest from the previous meal). That means: 2-4 meals are smoothies in the day and 1 is a “regular” chewing food meal (preferably supper), and LOTS of water.

Why am I so content? I’ve gained my self-control back. I feel fuller and mentally sharper. I’m exercising 2-3 days a week, and  I’m feeling stronger, both physically and mentally.

I’m doing this not because I’m following someone else’s “plan” but instead, because I told myself this is what I will do to get back on track.This is for me to me: I’m trying to honor self promises. I am learning that’s one of the first steps to success.