It’s Not how I Start, It’s how…


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July 22. A Reflection…

Today. I am 10 lbs lighter than I was a month ago. After being tired! and frustrated! with myself for putting on 10 lbs without blinking, feeling lost as to how I let myself “get here again”. Well. It’s NOT how you START. It’s how you FINISH. I’ve been doing a mostly fruit and veggie smoothie week (with 2-3 hours between meals to allow my food to fully digest from the previous meal). That means: 2-4 meals are smoothies in the day and 1 is a “regular” chewing food meal (preferably supper), and LOTS of water.

Why am I so content? I’ve gained my self-control back. I feel fuller and mentally sharper. I’m exercising 2-3 days a week, and  I’m feeling stronger, both physically and mentally.

I’m doing this not because I’m following someone else’s “plan” but instead, because I told myself this is what I will do to get back on track.This is for me to me: I’m trying to honor self promises. I am learning that’s one of the first steps to success.



5 Steps to finding peace with food again

July  15. Just like your secret amazing one pot recipe has the same fabulous ingredients you prefer not to share. So does weight loss. The only thing changes is the date but the method stays the same. Most of us have succeeded, maybe for a week, but we’ve succeeded!- at weight loss. The question was, “Can I maintain this same lifestyle for the rest of my life to keep the weight off?” That is the real success. isn’t it? Here is what I do when I need to get back to what works. And stay there:

  1. Eat real food first, before thinking of eating something from a bag or a can or a jar ( I’m including my favorite un-health food: nut butters here). If I’m hungry I will ask myself first: What are you hungry for? …What fruit do you want? Oh no? OK what veggie do you want? how should you prepare it? What seasoning will you use? What 3 ingredient smoothie do you want?…these questions help me do the right thing for my body before I hurt the poor soul.

  2. Drink my water. At least half my bodyweight in ounces. Not all in one shot though.

  3. Talk to a friend or journal about my stress!-instead of “eat” it away.

  4. Try and exercise for 30 minutes or more a day, 3-5x a week to help manage stress and stay limber.

  5.  When I learn something works, write it down! Great food or smoothie combo: Write it dow-n! like I once discovered eating chopped carrots and salsa filled me up and gave me the same crunch satisfaction as chips and salsa but at 35 calories vs 160 by ditching the corn chips so YAY-YUH,Whoohoo!!!

This is not magic. Obviously. It all takes time, patience, and discipline. But what is gained is the knowledge, self-control and a peace that no one can take away from me. Except for me.

Until next time,

Roxie 🙂





JULY 19. How is it that there is a such great disconnect between what we WANT and what we need to do to get there. There is no other way around weight loss than changing how we view and consume the four letter word: FOOD.

To start, I had to learn about quantity. What a carb/protein…etc. was and what a serving meant. I also needed to learn how many calories I consumed compared to how many I burned in the day, by moving or even while resting. Then I had to learn about quality. How all food is NOT MADE EQUAL. And 250 calories of a pre packaged diet food, does NOT have the same health benefits as the same amount of calories in my vegetable-fruit smoothie. The differences matter. But it’s definitely not one or the other. It’s both.

Gather m’ facts…

Deciding between choosing a sweet japanese purple potato ( I’m plugging here. Please try  if you haven’t yet!!!) over an “energy bar” from the same “health food store” started by asking, What am I hungry for? do I really need to eat… right now? Can I just eat enough now, to make it home to cook the potato?

My answer? Back in the day, I use to grab protein bars. The Sugar free. The Low fat. The gluten…GMO…dairy… everything! free. Top choice. That is when it was all about quantity: taking in as few calories-or anything else- for my buck, as possible.

Well. I do still care about fewer calories.

But when I realize “Yes you need to eat NOW! you cannot wait Roxie!” Well. These days, the quality of the food is equally important. so before I run to the plethora of low-fat protein bars-and even in the health food stores-reality is for me, most of them have too many ingredients my body can’t processes well. Many have sugar substitutes and “natural flavors” which can be a loooong list of items food makers aren’t obligated to put on the label but can adversely affect my health, in the long, if not shorter, term.

So what do I eat in an emergency? Well I still care about my buck. I’m usually hoping not to spend a lot on a last-minute “feeding”. So now, I might grab a fruit, or low sugar cold pressed organic juice/smoothies that’s my favorite option, especially if  it has beets or carrots. But no, it’s not inexpensive. By any measure. But still my favorite. These are real foods. Whole foods. Quality foods! (so are carrots, which I’ve learned to eat and enjoy whole, washed with the skin on! Delish! even better than the baby ones, which I admit are great in a food “amber alert”) Not processed, dead foods that can offer no life and only artificial energy. To be consumed, at best, in rare occasions.

I am still learning the wisdom behind the super-human logic of going to the grocery store and picking food in this order:

  1. Fresh and Frozen Veggies (avoiding those I’m allergic/intolerant to) I try to choose one exotic veggie a month. Google it, cook with it. Season it myself. Experience the flavors. Write it down.  Cool experience: I really love it when I get my fresh veggies from the Farmer’s Market (more on the wonders of local farmer’s markets in separate entry…insert angelic voiced”AAAAhhhhhhh…” here), usually the vendor or another shopper next to me  will give me a great cooking suggestion if I just ask to myself- outloud ;)-…”How do I cook with this?!”

  2. Fresh and Frozen Fruit (unsweetened). (avoiding my allergy triggers) I choose one fruit I’ve never had before a month as well…

  3. Organic/grass-fed lean meat, Organic cage free eggs, on occasion.

  4. A little fat. Unprocessed first (Avocados, seeds, nuts- raw and sprouted first, roasted, few-cold pressed oil, avocado, coconut best, grass-fed butter) If tolerated at all. Listen and observe how I feel after eating any of them. My needs for fat will change depends on my hormone level during the month.

  5. Legumes, beans, sweet potatoes, regular potatoes ( Try the purple sweet potatoes!!), little grain. For me though, little to zero grain. Even oatmeal is a no-no for me. Popcorn in coconut oil is an OK grain- (warning! I’m plugging Popcornopolis here! Luuu-uuve them! I get no pay for that…)

  6. So what’s left?!… What is left includes: The bad/the sad/ the “why did I go mad”?…food item. Yes, 1 item. I serving size item. The guilty pleasure. And yes again. Pleasure is singular not plural for one reason: Self preservation. These foods make us sick, not only physically but even mentally, over time. There is only one way to wean ourselves off of the canned, bagged, fried, pre packaged pre-cooked/seasoned “un” foods: Don’t buy them. Or at least buy them last after all the other real food. At least my fridge and pantry are well stocked with foods that heal, not harm. That is the quality part. The quantity part is…

Now that the food-real food!- is in the fridge…

Next: Figure how many calories, that’s the quantity– I need to eat/burn a day to lose 1-2 lbs. a week. Then: Plan it out. Plan what and how much (good quality) food I will consume for breakfast, lunch and dinner ( I love for this they make it so easy for this step! but there are a variety out there to choose from).

In the end really, it’s the same song, different tune: eat as close to nature as possible. But not too much. Quality and! Quantity: Matter.

Until next time:)












If you’re gonna Binge…At least! do it the right way.

greengrocers-gavilaPicture courtesy of Gavilla from CC0 Public Domain

July 14. Oh this weight loss thing I call a “Journey” (it’s what I call learning my hair too…understanding my whole body has become a never ending “journey” I suppose) has taken me to so! many! places! And just when I think I’ve arrived at my destination, I am forced to pick up my bags and keep moving…cuz I ain’t there yet. That is especially true whenever I get on my high horse thinking I’ve conquered my food addiction. I can go for a long stretch feeling completely empowered and in control of my emotions and my so-called hunger ( I go into details about what that means in an earlier entry where I discuss how for me “hunger”isn’t always about food- but rather a false response to needing things not even in the genre of food, like needing to hear a friend or family member’s voice, or maybe needing a hug…). Then one day “out of the blue”: I’m not in control anymore. And sure, the reasons have been for an unending list of factors (I’m grown enough to admit are more often than not) all on me. I won’t go on forever but a few factors that can cause a “un (yeah, right) expected” binge are:1. After  feeling in control for a few weeks, I let my guard down and eat things that kill my “intuitive eating” signals (For me it’s usually anything in the grain and processed fats category).  Other times it’s just 2.stress, from any direction. Then other times it’s just plain 3.lying to myself that I can eat a food I know is a Binge trigger because “I’m over bingeing now” YES,THAT IS A LIE…I will always be in “recovery” but never “recovered. I’ve had to come to terms then, to this very undeniable truth, in my case. I WILL GIVE INTO A BINGE SOONER OR LATER.

So my tip for today, to myself, and to a few out there like me, is:

If you’re gonna binge… do it right, for Peter’s sake! First. Y’all must know this about me:  I am in noooo-OH! way advocating that giving into a food binge is ever “OK”. It really isn’t. But neither is a car accident. We still wear seatbelts don’t we? and If by encouraging me to wear a seat belt I’d interpret you to mean I should get into a car accident once in a while?…sure.You have the right to call me crazy. Same vein, I am advocating how I safely do what I may, unfortunately, experience at any time as a food addict, or any normal day, or what sneakingly starts out as one. So when it hits, I like to be prepared. Although, like a car accident, its much better to avoid a binge altogether.

So with that disclaimer. What do I mean by doing a Binge “right”?Well there isn’t anything technically “right” about a binge. But if it’s going to happen I will try to ALWAYS have the right foods in the pantry and fridge to lessen the impact and unwanted results from a Binge. My reality is: in my most desperate moments when I am trying to feed an insatiable “hunger”, or quiet an uncomfortable emotion that feels physically painful! I’ve given in and O.D’ed. I.E.Binged. Because my brain is beyond convinced that the answer is not in my husband’s touch or in my mama’s voice but for sure this time, eating is the cure!!!… on… Kettle chips? Nope I won’t buy ’em, I love em too much! Same ban on regular ice cream,  Peanut butter- even the organic kind ( I’ve tried them all, I love them all and I’m intolerant to them all. Plus, they’re too high in fat and mold anyway) is a no go either…. Sunflower seeds? Cashews…love ’em! Too addictive. Won’t bring those in the house anymore either.

So I binged on carrots. Yes.I said carrots. Like 8 big stalks of them. Because that is what I had in the fridge and it was colorful and crunchy so yup. I binged on carrots. Don’t laugh… OK… permission to laugh. Seriously though, I’ve cried myself to sleep because I couldn’t stop at one carrot! I use to believe that any lack of self-control was a failure. THAT IS STILL TRUE. But the difference between Roxie now and Roxie then is this: Accepting that failure: will happen. It is a moment in time but not who I am.

Repeat: A Failure WILL happen, but it is a moment in time, NOT who I am.

And in the end. I got a lot of needed vitamins for my binge.

The point is: I don’t do this every day(anymore). And it is the LEAST of the horrible things I can binge on. Which is why my Trick is: Keep the pantry and fridge stocked with BINGE Safe foods. Like Apples! bananas!  Cherries! Pineapple! Watermelon! blueberries! Strawberries! Jicama! Broccoli! Celery! Apricot! ( Try O.D’ing on those!!.. yeah well… I have. I’ll just say: not for the first time Binger!) and… Carrots!! Lots of ’em! And my eternal goal is never to stock my pantry with things that I should only eat in very little quantity or in rare moderation due to an intolerance or harmful ingredients, and definitely not things I’m allergic to. (And yes my husband has a shelf of all those things: My trick for that:Put those waaay far away and waaaay out of reach. Thankfully, my binge self likes more instant gratification, nothing I have to get a stool to reach.and my husband is a bit taller than I am.)

OK. Now. Rewind. The “unexpected” binge comes back. This time. I eat 5 Mangos. I try to go for a 6th but I’m full and my tongue feels all weird and sore from the acidity in the fruit. Nature has a very physical way of communicating when enough is enough. I’ve just never gotten that feeling with Donuts, until the entire 4,ooo calorie box is gone! Then I’m left feeling queasy, bloated and angry with the donuts, myself, the world. 5 medium size mangos? :1,000 calories max. And I’m not queasy, maybe a little bloated…but not very angry. True, I still believe calories matter. But I’ve learned when it comes to binges, the lesser of any evil -is the goal here. And if it’s a fruit or a veggie, it’s not even in the evil category ( unless you are allergic or intolerant,like I am to citrus and sigh, to my beloved bananas,moment of silence while I eat a banana).

Summary: So a Binge is never a good idea. But when (not if) it happens, my kitchen is wearing the safety belt: Lots of fresh fruits and veggies (no dip!)- washed and ready to eat. because when I’ve bulldozed through my pantry and fridge like an out of control 18 wheeler…at least it has a fighting chance at survival. And so do I.

No accidents here. #9 out of 9 Ways to Lose the STUPID lbs. :ON PURPOSE.

fruit lustrous pixabay cc0 Public Domain.jpgPhoto courtesy of Lustrous at CC0 Public Domain

July 13. It’s uber clear from Tip #1-Tip #9 that purposeful weight loss takes a lot of concentrated effort at first. Yes… at first. I finally said it. I mean it too. No that doesn’t mean that it becomes less effort and more accidental…it become less concentrated effort. Oh I have many examples of what the difference is between the two to me. But just an example in my own life, when I learned at the age of 20-something how to play ping-pong…I broke out into a real aerobic sweat! It was like someone turned on the sauna and the treadmill on high under me simultaneously. You may laugh. But for me, whenever I learn something new that takes “concentrated” effort (skateboarding is still that way for me, boy do I sweat!) even if it’s not physically strenuous, I sweat. I guess I sweat from concentrating, quien sabe?! Whatever the cause, the point is, anything we do that takes effort, when we get better at it, we get over the learning curve and it will take less focused concentrated effort: OVER TIME. Eventually our bodies will signal to us  how it truly feels and what it really needs. and the answer won’t always be “food.NOW!!!”  or “MORE food NOW”.. we eventually become “experts” on bodies. We will feed it mindfully and healthfully. But that may take longer for me than for you. So!What! There is no race. It’s our bodies and only we determine how quickly we get to learn it. Here’s what I know though:  keeping good records on how i feel about why i eat and what i eat, as well as noting what makes ME turn to food at certain times more than others helps me get to “wonderland” more quickly (I’ve been there once or twice) and allows me to relax . A bit.
By “a bit” I mean not “too relaxed”. After 15 years of learning about my body and recording/logging my discoveries, when I allow myself to get too relaxed, I fall back into bingeing habits that make me miserable. “Too relaxed” means seeking instant gratification in food instead of long-term benefits of self-control and endurance. It means sitting on the couch eating a bag of popcorn when I’m stressed instead of going for a brisk run or jumping on the trampoline. Too relaxed Roxie is not who I want to be anymore.

In contrast, relaxed “a bit” Roxie, means trusting myself. To a limited degree I must trust myself enough to believe that even when I weaken in a binge, or stop working out for a while, I must believe that my fall is not permanent. I must believe that soon, before it’s too late and I am stuck in “miseryland” not knowing the way out, I have learned how to treat myself well again, for the long-term not for the instant gratification. It means believing that I have the knowledge and care enough about myself to want to move more and ultimately move forward. I will drink my water and eat fat(!) and enjoy my food, like I desire to do everything else in life: in moderation. In a Nutshell. This Tip # 9 epitomizes what it’s ALL about…

Tip.# 9: The Hokey Pokey.

Ok Not really…yeah yeah, sorry I had to do it.

TIP # 9:“Eat food. Not too much. Mostly Plants”. 7 Simple words. They aren’t mine. It’s by author and healthy food expert Michael Pollan. They are poetic and at the same time, for a binger like me, almost insulting in their simplicity. If it’s so simple, then why isn’t it so… simple? I know why it isn’t for me. Because, it’s the old Roxie that didn’t know a calorie from carrot,who wants to creep back every so often, even though I am food wiser now, there is always a battle. But the battle feels easier over time, takes less concentrated effort. Only if we keep using and flexing our fight muscles. How? I Research like crazy healthy easy recipes, that I like to try. I  read articles (, about how to eat healthier and how move more, when I lack desire and motivation. Sometimes I fail. I try again. In time it I believe it will feel less like of a fight. I won’t even break a sweat. It will in fact be just “how I roll”.  Still me. Just a healthier more determined me.

It’s been 15 years on my weight loss breakthrough/journey, and there are still: no accidents to weight loss on purpose. Period. I’m constantly determined to follow my own tip #9 above, so that even when I go crazy (read: binge). It’s within moderation. Next entry will be all about that.

Spoiler alert! Binge is also in its title.

Until next time…


# 7 and #8 out of 9 ways to: Lose the stupid lbs. on Purpose.

July 12. No comment if you are tired of this theme. But it’s a drum that can’t be beat enough in my weight loss journey. I need to hear it because I do forget it often: Weight loss, the permanent kind, can’t, wont, shouldnt! happen by mishap…ah gotcha thought I was gonna say accident didn’t you?? Oops. Well.

I said it.

I have discovered this: if I don’t lose the weight with intention, it will come back without a warning. When I lose it with intention I know how exactly I got here and so when the wight “creeeeps” back, I can ‘quick! catch it!’ before I’m back to “miseryland” ( where fat-with-friends come back to the Island, you know, the opposite side of “wonderland”?). I’ve said it as many ways as possible, here’s another: Traceable weight loss is like getting a road map to success and knowing how to get back even when stupid old food habits get you off-roading for the “thrill” of old times. When the thrill is gone, you still have the map to wonderland…Ah yes, I’ve been on this road before, it’s the road to success. Let me get back on.

It’s a bumpy road though. So this entry is about  what I have ditched but always have to come back to, to lose weight on purpose , and get back on the road to “Wonderland”….

Tip #7 W.A. T.E. R. Drink it!

That’s not an acronym, by the way. I’m punctuating each letter with a definitive pause so that I remember: Water is essential to LIFE and that means more than one cup a day. I am ashamed but guilty of that very quantity. And without scientific fluff that you already know well to back this up I will just say Water helps me feel fuller, flushes out impurities, toxins and fat. I try to start with room temperature distilled water in the morning and honestly, I feel more alert all day.

Sad truth is:  I am so bad about proper hydration I even downloaded an app that sounded like someone drinking water to remind me to drink my water every hour. I took it off when someone said it sounded more like someone going to the potty. Silly!..  Point is: When I drink the water along with a balanced diet, I see consistent weight loss, and I maintain my weight loss easier. 80-100 oz a day is a reasonable goal. That’s roughly 5-7 -16 oz bottles. If I drink half of that amount- it’s a personal success some days. At least we try right? Goal: NEVER.STOP.TRYING.

Suggestion: I’ve used fresh fruit frozen in my water that I enjoy. You might like: lemon/lime, pineapple, mango or watermelon  in yours, or fresh cucumber or mint. Mix it up! These days, I’ve come to appreciate pure water, nothing added.

Tip # 8: Cut the Fat. That word has so much controversy around it. More scandalous than the tabloids, no one wants to know the truth about fat. But I  eat it up. I crave it! Especially when I’m stressed. That! by the way, is no coincidence either!

So what’s the deal on fat? It’s highly concentrated calories. And I’ve experienced that my body has a difficult time processing most of them.Some worse then others. Which leads to weight gain.  I’m talking about the “good” fats too, like- nuts and nut butters. I’m talking about reducing my quantity- even with the good quality fats. Some say we don’t have to be as restrictive with the good fats, but my truth has been this: no matter if it’s sprouted or soaked, raw or(unknowingly) rancid, I have a hard time knowing when to stop eating nuts and nut butters ( that includes seeds for me  too like pumpkin and sunflower) so I always tend to go over my calorie budget, and since I dont exercise like a Marathon runner ,I don’t burn it off. Guess where it goes? My thighs. And other favorite places.

So my tip-While I’m trying to lose weight: I may not eat those fats at all until I reach my goal weight, because sadly the more I eat them, the more I crave them. If I  eat them, then yes  I am reeeeeally selective about quality ( I chose unprocessed, unsweetened) and will enjoy them  only where I can taste it!) and  in very small quantities. Actually,  veeeeery little in comparison to what I was eating before. Fat can become 45-50% of my calorie diet in a not so mindful eating day. But! when I’m trying to lose weight, ON PURPOSE, I’ve reduced it to 20-25% . And I have come to learn, our bodies require a lot less fat in our diets than we tend to think (using a calorie app like My fitness pal helped me see exactly how much…well, little, I needed.)

Suggestion: I really do crave fat. So once I ‘catch myself’ OD’ing on it, I wean myself off. For example: stir frying with chicken broth, roasting with chicken broth, cooking my eggs in boiling hot water in a non-stick skillet. Substituting where I can and where it counts the most. 

My lifelong Goal: Have more water, than fat, in my diet. HeyHey… I like that:)

Until next time…






JULY 11. I hate accidents. Like falling off of my skateboard, or spilling hot chocolate on my white blouse. But some accidents can be beautiful, say, ending up at a really cool organic coffee cafe because my favorite shut down unexpectedly, running into a friend because I walked a different street home. Losing weight shouldn’t be a beautiful accident though. Because unfortunately, such accidents lead to not so beautiful: disappointment. If it’s by accident, there is nothing definable to trace the source of the success. What did I eat that made me feel so good? How did I lose the weight in a week, that I’ve been trying all month to lose? Why are my jeans loser? Why are my jeans tighter? Why do I have so much more energy today? These should have traceable! definitive! answers. Collecting scientific like “data” on ourselves can be both educational and!!! remarkably life / game changing. We become experts on our bodies and what makes us tick! How cool is that! How cool is that? Sounds boring right?  Let me start by singing the praises of an App that has helped me see my calories and eating in a beautifully new way ( And Nope, I’m not getting paid a dime for the accolades sung here about this amazing app!).

Pure Purposeful Weight loss comes from knowing the facts! and shoot…it’s even FUN!

If someone had asked me years ago: How tall are you? I’d say 5’6. If they asked: How many showers did you take so far today”: “1”.What did you eat for breakfast? They ask. I might’ve answered “Bowl of oatmeal and 2 eggs”  But if they asked me: “About how much oatmeal did you eat, was it a cup?… a half cup?”.. My answer would’ve been “I dunno” “How much protein in those eggs?” Silence. How much do you weigh?

:Dead Silence.

But If they asked me how much weight do you WANT to lose: I would’ve said without hesitating “Oh about 40 or 50 lbs”( I was actually closer to 75 lbs overweight).

How is it that there is a great disconnect between what we WANT and what we need to do to get there? Well, cease and desist. Disconnect no more. How much do I weight? Check! How much do I want to weigh? Check.Check. How many calories, protein, carbs-and the beloved- fat! do I need daily to get to my goal weight and (once you reset your current weight it will tell you how to) STAY there? Triple Check! = My Fitness Pal.

Please try this app. It’s as simple as typing what I eat and it does the rest, including surprising cheerleading notifications when I have hit a calorie or fitness goal I  didn’t even realize I hit! How’s THAT for real motivation! The other bonus, it doesn’t praise you for eating UNDER your calorie goal. So there is no way of becoming obsessed with eating so little you “starve” yourself.  It’s losing weight the healthy way, that yes, can even include: Eating! :O

Tips for Using (or honestly any calorie counter equivalent we fall or have fallen in love with):

  1. Even when tired,log. I may have to do it later but then it’s harder to remember what I ate. I am always happier when I log right away. After awhile, I began to use my obssessive qualities to turn it into a game!Yes, crazy but it became fun. ‘Let’s see how close I get to my weight loss goal today!! Did I beat yesterday? YAAAY!….’

  2. Use what’s already there. There are THOUSANDS of entries already in the app. Usually what I think is an obscure food brand. or “never visited by anyone else but me and my spouse” restaurant, is surprisingly, already in the app, along with the strange menu item I thought only I would think to order – “Chipotle restaurant salad bowl- no rice, beans, cheese,sour cream or guac- ” What? it’s already in the app!! really?! -So obviously, it’s a fitness app and I’m not the only”weird” one skipping the the heavier options! LOVE IT).

3. Use and overuse the Blog. There is a blog in the app called “HELLO HEALTHY” that has Years worth of  REAL helpful tips. And by REAL I meant not cliché, “lose 5 lbs fast” tips. But even information that makes good common sense but opposite of what I’ve heard from many nutritionist in the years of health magazines and books I’ve read. Ironically? I have often read in the “Hello Healthy” blog comments about certain food combinations and effects  that I had already experienced were true for me! crazy how that works sometimes?

Lastly, it has a long wonderful list of practical easy go to recipes, if you are learning how to cook healthy for the first time and you are short on time. I can’t praise it enough.

4.TRUST. If it works for 3 days, try it for a week…then two…then longer…If you are afraid of commitment the beauty of it is -there is none. But it WILL work and it HAS worked for me, even when I use it for a few days, got lazy, dropped it, gained weight, used it, lost the weight, dropped it, repeat, repeat. My point is, when I use it, it works whether it’s for 3 days or 3 years. It WORKS!!! Of course, the key is: with use.  And Of course! respect of the calories!

Bottom line: Try My fitness Pal (or it’s equivelant). Can’t hurt.