# 7 and #8 out of 9 ways to: Lose the stupid lbs. on Purpose.

July 12. No comment if you are tired of this theme. But it’s a drum that can’t be beat enough in my weight loss journey. I need to hear it because I do forget it often: Weight loss, the permanent kind, can’t, wont, shouldnt! happen by mishap…ah gotcha thought I was gonna say accident didn’t you?? Oops. Well.

I said it.

I have discovered this: if I don’t lose the weight with intention, it will come back without a warning. When I lose it with intention I know how exactly I got here and so when the wight “creeeeps” back, I can ‘quick! catch it!’ before I’m back to “miseryland” ( where fat-with-friends come back to the Island, you know, the opposite side of “wonderland”?). I’ve said it as many ways as possible, here’s another: Traceable weight loss is like getting a road map to success and knowing how to get back even when stupid old food habits get you off-roading for the “thrill” of old times. When the thrill is gone, you still have the map to wonderland…Ah yes, I’ve been on this road before, it’s the road to success. Let me get back on.

It’s a bumpy road though. So this entry is about  what I have ditched but always have to come back to, to lose weight on purpose , and get back on the road to “Wonderland”….

Tip #7 W.A. T.E. R. Drink it!

That’s not an acronym, by the way. I’m punctuating each letter with a definitive pause so that I remember: Water is essential to LIFE and that means more than one cup a day. I am ashamed but guilty of that very quantity. And without scientific fluff that you already know well to back this up I will just say Water helps me feel fuller, flushes out impurities, toxins and fat. I try to start with room temperature distilled water in the morning and honestly, I feel more alert all day.

Sad truth is:  I am so bad about proper hydration I even downloaded an app that sounded like someone drinking water to remind me to drink my water every hour. I took it off when someone said it sounded more like someone going to the potty. Silly!..  Point is: When I drink the water along with a balanced diet, I see consistent weight loss, and I maintain my weight loss easier. 80-100 oz a day is a reasonable goal. That’s roughly 5-7 -16 oz bottles. If I drink half of that amount- it’s a personal success some days. At least we try right? Goal: NEVER.STOP.TRYING.

Suggestion: I’ve used fresh fruit frozen in my water that I enjoy. You might like: lemon/lime, pineapple, mango or watermelon  in yours, or fresh cucumber or mint. Mix it up! These days, I’ve come to appreciate pure water, nothing added.

Tip # 8: Cut the Fat. That word has so much controversy around it. More scandalous than the tabloids, no one wants to know the truth about fat. But I  eat it up. I crave it! Especially when I’m stressed. That! by the way, is no coincidence either!

So what’s the deal on fat? It’s highly concentrated calories. And I’ve experienced that my body has a difficult time processing most of them.Some worse then others. Which leads to weight gain.  I’m talking about the “good” fats too, like- nuts and nut butters. I’m talking about reducing my quantity- even with the good quality fats. Some say we don’t have to be as restrictive with the good fats, but my truth has been this: no matter if it’s sprouted or soaked, raw or(unknowingly) rancid, I have a hard time knowing when to stop eating nuts and nut butters ( that includes seeds for me  too like pumpkin and sunflower) so I always tend to go over my calorie budget, and since I dont exercise like a Marathon runner ,I don’t burn it off. Guess where it goes? My thighs. And other favorite places.

So my tip-While I’m trying to lose weight: I may not eat those fats at all until I reach my goal weight, because sadly the more I eat them, the more I crave them. If I  eat them, then yes  I am reeeeeally selective about quality ( I chose unprocessed, unsweetened) and will enjoy them  only where I can taste it!) and  in very small quantities. Actually,  veeeeery little in comparison to what I was eating before. Fat can become 45-50% of my calorie diet in a not so mindful eating day. But! when I’m trying to lose weight, ON PURPOSE, I’ve reduced it to 20-25% . And I have come to learn, our bodies require a lot less fat in our diets than we tend to think (using a calorie app like My fitness pal helped me see exactly how much…well, little, I needed.)

Suggestion: I really do crave fat. So once I ‘catch myself’ OD’ing on it, I wean myself off. For example: stir frying with chicken broth, roasting with chicken broth, cooking my eggs in boiling hot water in a non-stick skillet. Substituting where I can and where it counts the most. 

My lifelong Goal: Have more water, than fat, in my diet. HeyHey… I like that:)

Until next time…







JULY 11. I hate accidents. Like falling off of my skateboard, or spilling hot chocolate on my white blouse. But some accidents can be beautiful, say, ending up at a really cool organic coffee cafe because my favorite shut down unexpectedly, running into a friend because I walked a different street home. Losing weight shouldn’t be a beautiful accident though. Because unfortunately, such accidents lead to not so beautiful: disappointment. If it’s by accident, there is nothing definable to trace the source of the success. What did I eat that made me feel so good? How did I lose the weight in a week, that I’ve been trying all month to lose? Why are my jeans loser? Why are my jeans tighter? Why do I have so much more energy today? These should have traceable! definitive! answers. Collecting scientific like “data” on ourselves can be both educational and!!! remarkably life / game changing. We become experts on our bodies and what makes us tick! How cool is that! How cool is that? Sounds boring right?  Let me start by singing the praises of an App that has helped me see my calories and eating in a beautifully new way ( And Nope, I’m not getting paid a dime for the accolades sung here about this amazing app!).

Pure Purposeful Weight loss comes from knowing the facts! and shoot…it’s even FUN!

If someone had asked me years ago: How tall are you? I’d say 5’6. If they asked: How many showers did you take so far today”: “1”.What did you eat for breakfast? They ask. I might’ve answered “Bowl of oatmeal and 2 eggs”  But if they asked me: “About how much oatmeal did you eat, was it a cup?… a half cup?”.. My answer would’ve been “I dunno” “How much protein in those eggs?” Silence. How much do you weigh?

:Dead Silence.

But If they asked me how much weight do you WANT to lose: I would’ve said without hesitating “Oh about 40 or 50 lbs”( I was actually closer to 75 lbs overweight).

How is it that there is a great disconnect between what we WANT and what we need to do to get there? Well, cease and desist. Disconnect no more. How much do I weight? Check! How much do I want to weigh? Check.Check. How many calories, protein, carbs-and the beloved- fat! do I need daily to get to my goal weight and (once you reset your current weight it will tell you how to) STAY there? Triple Check! = My Fitness Pal.

Please try this app. It’s as simple as typing what I eat and it does the rest, including surprising cheerleading notifications when I have hit a calorie or fitness goal I  didn’t even realize I hit! How’s THAT for real motivation! The other bonus, it doesn’t praise you for eating UNDER your calorie goal. So there is no way of becoming obsessed with eating so little you “starve” yourself.  It’s losing weight the healthy way, that yes, can even include: Eating! :O

Tips for Using Myfitnesspal.com (or honestly any calorie counter equivalent we fall or have fallen in love with):

  1. Even when tired,log. I may have to do it later but then it’s harder to remember what I ate. I am always happier when I log right away. After awhile, I began to use my obssessive qualities to turn it into a game!Yes, crazy but it became fun. ‘Let’s see how close I get to my weight loss goal today!! Did I beat yesterday? YAAAY!….’

  2. Use what’s already there. There are THOUSANDS of entries already in the app. Usually what I think is an obscure food brand. or “never visited by anyone else but me and my spouse” restaurant, is surprisingly, already in the app, along with the strange menu item I thought only I would think to order – “Chipotle restaurant salad bowl- no rice, beans, cheese,sour cream or guac- ” What? it’s already in the app!! really?! -So obviously, it’s a fitness app and I’m not the only”weird” one skipping the the heavier options! LOVE IT).

3. Use and overuse the Blog. There is a blog in the app called “HELLO HEALTHY” that has Years worth of  REAL helpful tips. And by REAL I meant not cliché, “lose 5 lbs fast” tips. But even information that makes good common sense but opposite of what I’ve heard from many nutritionist in the years of health magazines and books I’ve read. Ironically? I have often read in the “Hello Healthy” blog comments about certain food combinations and effects  that I had already experienced were true for me! crazy how that works sometimes?

Lastly, it has a long wonderful list of practical easy go to recipes, if you are learning how to cook healthy for the first time and you are short on time. I can’t praise it enough.

4.TRUST. If it works for 3 days, try it for a week…then two…then longer…If you are afraid of commitment the beauty of it is -there is none. But it WILL work and it HAS worked for me, even when I use it for a few days, got lazy, dropped it, gained weight, used it, lost the weight, dropped it, repeat, repeat. My point is, when I use it, it works whether it’s for 3 days or 3 years. It WORKS!!! Of course, the key is: with use.  And Of course! respect of the calories!

Bottom line: Try My fitness Pal (or it’s equivelant). Can’t hurt.

No accidents here: #5 out of 9 ways to lose those stupid lbs: On Purpose


July 9. If I had to choose between asking myself “How in the world did I lose 20 lbs?” and ” What was it I wrote down again about how lost 20 lbs?” I’d pick the second question. Just to reinforce this point: Lasting, meaningful and enduring…weight loss, does not and Should not, happen by “oops!” accident. It just doesn’t make sense when you think about it. Anything you do, should come from focused, purposeful (here it comes) : Effort. Hence:

Tip 5: Be an expert on your life.

In a close, healthy relationship we often know our family members so well, we can sometimes finish their sentences.It comes in part from studying them and well, from years of close association. But I think, it also comes from  caring about them, what they think and feel. My goal is to reflect that same type of knowledge and care about my own body. To care about what my body thinks and feels about what I feel it. to ask it, not just ‘what do you have a “taste” for’? (That is a loaded bake potato question!) but what do you really need?’ and when it speaks – I promise it always does- If the answer is a food, on rare occasion it is, I eat it. Then I write down how I felt after. Even if it wasn’t a good idea to eat after all, in retrospect ( it may take awhile to understand our bodies internal “language”). This becomes vital documentation and validation for future experiences. I’m studying myself! Discovering what makes me feel great (beets and carrots), horrible (any sugar not from fruit), “spacey” (grains and processed fats). I’m constantly learning how to trust that my body knows what it needs, and I am learning how to give it that and not what I’ve been programmed to do over years of unhealthful feeding. Then the most important part is next. I Read what I wrote and re-read it often. I Record every triumph and every “not-so-much”. One time I wrote, after months of abstaining, ” I need beans and rice back in my diet!” I overdosed on it that week unfortunately and followed up with “I felt horrible after eating beans and rice today”. Of course, looking back, I can see the key was balance, not just the eliminating or not eliminating rice and beans from my diet.

But I have short-term memory. Call me Dora, Whatever. I’ve come to terms with if I don’t record it I’m not going to remember the vital “data” I’ve gathered about myself for successful weight loss. I’ve even forgotten to read what I’ve written about a reaction to a certain food, so I’ll eat it again, record my findings, shocked when I see that I’ve already written about having a similar experience, in a past journal entry (“I think I’m allergic to raw honey…I’m sure I’m allergic to raw honey” a month later:repeat…yeah, yeah, permission to laugh;) and now I’ll laugh too so that I don’t feel like a victim :|).

I am a sensitive individual. Which is why food has a strong effect on me, first emotionally and, a close tie, physically. Recording how and what I feel; about eating a particular food or meal has given me amazing “Ahah!” moments of clarity. And while I have learned the same things that I actually forgot I learned, (I just wrote that didn’t I?) At least! it’s written down. I am now smarter about Roxie and how food affects me than I was yesterday. And that’s the point.

But I got help to do this…I’ll share that in tip #6 and to me the most important one to this journey for me. I could write a novel about it but I’ll try not to. 3 Words: My. Fitness. Pal.

Until later…

Roxie 🙂




#4 out of: 9 ways to Lose the Stupid lbs: On purpose


JULY 8. “If it don’t come easy. You better let it go” so says a really cool country song from back in the day. Not so with weight loss. Not in my experience at least. It’s never been easy. It’s only been the result of laser beam, focused, effort. The good news is, it does come off. Eventually. 1 lb at a time. sometimes ounces…but you get the idea. 3 ways of how to lose the stupid lbs on purpose were in the last entries from July 5-7. This is number #4. My personal experience..

#4 Let My Stomach Growl…this too shall pass (and yeah, my stomach shrunk too, don’t think that was coincidence!). Yes I am sure there is a scientific correlation to the two experiences just mentioned. But I’ll have to hunt down a legit explanation. Later. Until I do, I just know this works..]It’s OK to feel hunger pangs. Most of the time it wasn’t true hunger pangs at all. I was getting use to #1: Weaning myself off of big meals. My body was adjusting. I would drink water, especially if I had just eaten a healthy, even though smaller, meal. Usually it was thirst, but my body was used to being spoiled by getting “a treat” every time it whined and so it gave mixed signals all the time. And let’s not even talk about all the different reasons my stomach would growl, for sure during times I hadn’t even gone long enough without food to be hungry.

I received great tips from websites and health books about  how to identify “true hunger”. Even googling topics like”Identifying true hunger” lead me to a few good reliable sources of “makes enough sense to me-science” on how our body talks to us.

ocean wave pixabay
Let the stomach growl…AKA “Ride the wave”…this too shall pass…

Photo curtosey of Pixabay.com under Creative Commons CC0.

It’s like a marriage though. Sometimes you think you know someone,  and then one day, they change on you. You’re body is an ongoing discovery that can be interesting to learn. Letting our stomach growl and say things it really doesn’t mean at first, can be a really cool experience. Self control is gained and new insight into our own bodies. Like a marriage, it can be a wonderful journey. But we may need to go through the  pangs-hunger pangs-in this case- to truly understand it (and out of curiosity, I just looked up the word “Pangs”-because it sounds a lot like “pain”. It’s defined as either a ‘sudden sharp pain or painful emotion’, which is ironic because that is exactly  what it feels like both in my stomach and in my head when I want to eat instead of …feel).

I’m still learning my body! but now when it speaks to me I’ve noticed I can trust it now to tell me what it really needs. Now we know there is a good marriage correlation in there, waiting to be revealed. Have at it! I’m going to bed:) Meanwhile, if your stomach was growling during this entry, check out my first entry from July 4 and ask: as I catch myself doing soooo often: What am I really hungry for?

Until next time…

Roxie 🙂


# 3 out of: 9 Ways to Lose Those Stupid lbs! On Purpose.

I will find a way to move today…

Photo by Skeeze courtesy of Creative Commons CO Pixabay.com

JULY 7. Yesterday I talked about one of the ways I was able to finally drop the last 20 lbs of unwanted 70 lbs. It was, no, not by accident, but rather the “Haawd way…Urrrrning it”…by focused and concentrated effort. I explained the 2 ways I did it was by #1 Cutting back from 3 big meals a day to two, then eventually one, and instead snack size meals for the others, which eventually lead to cutting back on: #2 Calories,… watch ’em. I had to reduce the calories I was eating by nearly half. Again, not for weight maintenance, which allows for a higher number of daily calorie intake, but for weight loss. Which is a stricter approach to eating. Like going to a boot camp versus.., a cruise, approach to eating.

#3 is closely related. Let me preface ( as I should all of my entries because this is a blanket application for all of them) my entries are essentially my journal. Things I have written to keep me on point. Things I’ve written down to help me succeed. Things I thought were working, but then later realizing, I was wrong. I am my own guinea pig/lab rat and will often experiment on myself. I share them because I hoping my discoveries might help your or someone like you get over the humps a little faster. I’ve learned though. The humps aren’t all bad. We learn from them. We grow from them. And essentially they become the wisdom that we share along the way. Here is mine:

# 3 MOVE. MOVE. MOVE: Often. Do anything that breaks a sweat at least once a day, for about 20 minutes or more. Something I’ve done to help myself see even the tiniest degree of effort to burn calories as worth my while, is to tie a resistance or thera band, whatever they’re called, around my thighs while I’m in the passenger seat of the car or watching TV. Anytime I am sitting with the band around my legs I open and close my legs with my heels touching. I’m sure I read it somewhere about the good effect”fidgeting” has on burning calories. Small, maybe, but effective. So I did it. It worked. And now that I think about it…I need to get back to that again.

Until next time…game face! We will the war of the bulge 🙂

Roxie 🙂

No accidents here: 2 out of 9 ways to lose those stupid lbs: On Purpose

potatoes July 6Photo courtesy of  Creative Commons CC0 at Pixabay.com

July 6. So If you have heard this before you’re not alone “I don’t know how I lost the weight, it just started coming off”. When I hear it, I think one of two things “Are you physically ill and need to see a Doctor?” or,  well…”Are you physically ill, and need to see a Doctor?”

Trust me I use to say “Please tell me your secret!!!” But In the last 30 years or more struggling to win the battle of my own 70 lb weight loss …I have learned this undeniable truth: When you are overweight, as I was, losing weight, unless you have a medical condition, doesn’t happen by accident. It comes from focused, concentrated effort. I’d like to repeat that…it’s pretty key: If you are overweight, losing weight does NOT happen by accident. It comes from focused, concentrated EFFORT. It makes me mad to believe it. Madder to accept it. But once I came to terms -here’s another undeniable truth I’ve learned:

LOSING EXTRA WEIGHT ON PURPOSE-IS SWEETER AND MORE REWARDING THAN ANYTHING I’VE EVER EATEN TO “FEEL BETTER” (if you have been there before, do you remember the feeling of losing the extra lbs after many “long” months of skipping out on the  social eating, the “junk food” and  the “splurges” to hit the gym and eat a salad instead? Do you remember the sweet taste of victory you enjoyed?  maybe it was short lived…but you LIVED IT! and yeah…yeah it was sweet!!… hold on to that memory for the duration of this reading…if you haven’t had it yet, use your imagination and trust that it’s better that it feels even more fulfilling and victorious than that. I’ve been there)

Here are 2 TIPS, from experience, TO ARRIVING OR GETTING BACK TO YOUR  GOAL WEIGHT “Wonderland” …ON PURPOSE.

 ( and one very personal BONUS tip for those of you, like me, who thrive on …Bonus tips;) )…

#1: Wean yourself gradually off of 3 big meals a day. For me it meant one full “meal” ( you know the veggie, carb and protein combination you see on the “perfect plate” image in health magazines). The other two meals were more like “snack size”. But more than the size of your plate, what’s on it matters even more. Here’s a hint for the next one…It’s calories.

#2 Calories, watch ’em. Yup. I’d be the first to want to poopoo my own message here, but experience has taught me: Focused weight loss means consuming less calories than you burn in a day. There’s a lot of intricate science out there that explains how every individual burns a different number of calories when resting due to metabolism etc. And most of it is true. But without having to understand it all you can follow a very simple principle using one of a list of websites  that will actually calculate for you how many calories you need to consume in order to lose weight. Yayuh! Hey, I appreciate every last bit of help I can get in the struggle, so I don’t have to figure it out myself. Just follow the steps- it will do the rest, well, eating less calories is still up to us. But knowledge my friend is OH so powerful! and it starts with asking this simple question: ” how many calories do I need to consume to shed this unwanted weight?”. Here’s two sites I highly recommend that will supply the answer very simply for you : http://www.calculator.net/calorie-calculator and my all time fave (Clue to next tip…) : https://www.myfitnesspal.com/

But, it’s not just about the calories either. Of course. We’ll address that in the tip list to follow…


Ah! My BONUS TIP: It’s so simple it’s the hardest one of ALL:

#BONUS: BE!LIEVE! Believe that you will lose the weight and tell yourself that you can and you are losing weight.  ( even if it feels like a lie…I know, but it’s not a lie. It is a fact and will become a fact if you trust it. The most important part? is that it WORKS) Our mind is the most powerful weapon to fight the battle of weight loss…yeah, sometimes it wins the battle over me  too…but the WAR (pause for it!…) is never over.

Stay with me, as I will continue to share my personal tips that I’ve used to lose weight on purpose, more throughout the week. They are all interrelated. but I’ve learned most of us-read:ME- can only handle a few small life changes at once. So we’ll work together at this, poco a poco…litle by little…we we’ll get there together…bit by bit. Until we meet again…

Roxie 🙂




5 Burpees that KILLED the BINGE Beast

July 5 Today’s inspiration:  I learned Burpees and prayer: not chips are the answer and the remedy to my Binge. What’s your non food remedy?

THe funny thing about a breakthrough is that it can happen on any given ordinary day. Mine happened 5 minutes ago.

I felt as empty as a drum, again. seeing so many “friends” this weekend but feeling so alone and lost and so I indulged at Pollo Loco, one of my favorite local mexican fast food restaurants, to ease the pain.

When I got home I put some dishes away but I was feeling more and more friendless, empty and I wanted…”needed” to eat, to quiet the pain. But I knew that was “the old Roxie” who “self-medicated” with food. There had to be a better way.

Last night when I felt stressed I did 5 burpees. Felt better. Could it work again?

So I did it. I stopped. Dropped and Burpeed. 5 Times. Then did a few squat thrusts. Then a couple more burpees.




I wasn’t hungry. Empty. Or sad anymore.




Can this work everytime? All these years…When I was feeding my pain with food, I could’ve done 5 simple burpees???

I will ALWAYS be grateful to life’s breakthroughs. And I will continue to do Burpees or whatever else I can to distract from binging. Until…

Until it doesn’t work anymore and I have to try something else.

Everyone cant do Burpees. But I think each of us has something we can do to break the mental cycle of sadness…loneliness…frustration…eating to numb the pain…repeat. We just have to find what that something is.

Have you found yours?

Adapted from March 29 Journal Entry