No accidents here: #5 out of 9 ways to lose those stupid lbs: On Purpose


July 9. If I had to choose between asking myself “How in the world did I lose 20 lbs?” and ” What was it I wrote down again about how lost 20 lbs?” I’d pick the second question. Just to reinforce this point: Lasting, meaningful and enduring…weight loss, does not and Should not, happen by “oops!” accident. It just doesn’t make sense when you think about it. Anything you do, should come from focused, purposeful (here it comes) : Effort. Hence:

Tip 5: Be an expert on your life.

In a close, healthy relationship we often know our family members so well, we can sometimes finish their sentences.It comes in part from studying them and well, from years of close association. But I think, it also comes from  caring about them, what they think and feel. My goal is to reflect that same type of knowledge and care about my own body. To care about what my body thinks and feels about what I feel it. to ask it, not just ‘what do you have a “taste” for’? (That is a loaded bake potato question!) but what do you really need?’ and when it speaks – I promise it always does- If the answer is a food, on rare occasion it is, I eat it. Then I write down how I felt after. Even if it wasn’t a good idea to eat after all, in retrospect ( it may take awhile to understand our bodies internal “language”). This becomes vital documentation and validation for future experiences. I’m studying myself! Discovering what makes me feel great (beets and carrots), horrible (any sugar not from fruit), “spacey” (grains and processed fats). I’m constantly learning how to trust that my body knows what it needs, and I am learning how to give it that and not what I’ve been programmed to do over years of unhealthful feeding. Then the most important part is next. I Read what I wrote and re-read it often. I Record every triumph and every “not-so-much”. One time I wrote, after months of abstaining, ” I need beans and rice back in my diet!” I overdosed on it that week unfortunately and followed up with “I felt horrible after eating beans and rice today”. Of course, looking back, I can see the key was balance, not just the eliminating or not eliminating rice and beans from my diet.

But I have short-term memory. Call me Dora, Whatever. I’ve come to terms with if I don’t record it I’m not going to remember the vital “data” I’ve gathered about myself for successful weight loss. I’ve even forgotten to read what I’ve written about a reaction to a certain food, so I’ll eat it again, record my findings, shocked when I see that I’ve already written about having a similar experience, in a past journal entry (“I think I’m allergic to raw honey…I’m sure I’m allergic to raw honey” a month later:repeat…yeah, yeah, permission to laugh;) and now I’ll laugh too so that I don’t feel like a victim :|).

I am a sensitive individual. Which is why food has a strong effect on me, first emotionally and, a close tie, physically. Recording how and what I feel; about eating a particular food or meal has given me amazing “Ahah!” moments of clarity. And while I have learned the same things that I actually forgot I learned, (I just wrote that didn’t I?) At least! it’s written down. I am now smarter about Roxie and how food affects me than I was yesterday. And that’s the point.

But I got help to do this…I’ll share that in tip #6 and to me the most important one to this journey for me. I could write a novel about it but I’ll try not to. 3 Words: My. Fitness. Pal.

Until later…

Roxie 🙂